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Participating Teams

Here you can see an overview of all the TU/e Contest candidates and teams. You can also filter on category, cluster of teams that are still looking for members!

iGEM team

iGEM is the largest synthetic biology competition in the world. Synthetic biology is a field in which organisms are redesigned for useful purposes and it has captured the interest of many young researchers. In the competition, student teams are working on designing, building, testing, and measuring a system with which they try to provide a practical solution to a world problem. The problem to be solved could be anything ranging from detecting/treating illness and disease, economizing energy resources or tackling environmental problems.

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Team Polar

Our team is trying to solve the problem of executing research on Antarctica. Antarctica is the 5th biggest continent on Earth and conceals many unrevealed mysteries that would illuminate researchers about Earth's past and future. Currently, researchers do their best to understand climate change and the ice melting phenomenon. Although they have one major challenge, which is technology. Currently, the main mean of travel is by using old sherp-type vehicles which are kerosene driven and human controlled. This limits greatly the research possibilities as researchers need to go with multiple trailers full of provisions to reach a further point in the continent. That is the reason why only 25% of the continent is explored.

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The existing billing infrastructure in retail stores is an overlooked and unsustainable practice. With 90% of paper bills produced ending up in the trash or forgotten, that too within 10 seconds of being printed, an appalling feeling is instigated thinking about the resources consumed for production of a bill. However, bills are still used on a daily basis - majorly for customer checkout, and marginally as proof for returns and warranty. Moreover, customer purchases are vital data for the stores which is analyzed digitally through POS software, while the bills provided to customers requires a lot of effort from the customer's side to extract valuable insights for themselves.

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Every year, about 64–74 million people get Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with physical symptoms like headaches, but also cognitive, behavioral, and mental disturbances, like memory loss and sleeping problems. However, it is often difficult to determine how severe the injury is at the moment the injury occurs, while it is essential to know this to decide which treatment to give to the patient. Consequently, a new method is needed to quickly determine the seriousness of the injury, so the required treatment can be rapidly and easily decided.

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