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Category: Participant 2024



Team info

Vlad Stoenescu
Tunahan SARI
Taylan Özgür Aygün


The Mission

The mission is to revolutionize the way people engage with art and museums, fostering deeper connections and appreciation for cultural heritage, while simultaneously providing art venues with valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences to enhance their exhibits and programs effectively.

The Challenge 

Passive and limited experiences are widespread among art enthusiasts, who often find themselves disengaged due to the shortcomings of traditional methods of information delivery at art establishments. These methods, which have long been relied upon, struggle to captivate guests deeply, resulting in an experience that lacks depth and enrichment. Additionally, art establishments encounter difficulties in comprehensively understanding visitor engagement and preferences, primarily relying on outdated methods such as surveys. This limited insight significantly impedes their ability to curate exhibits that resonate effectively with their audience, leading to missed opportunities for immersive and personalized experiences within the museum environment.

The Solution

The solution transforms the experience of arts by offering immersive, interactive, and informative features through a mobile app platform. By leveraging the app's built-in camera for scanning artworks and its generative AI system for answering questions, visitors are empowered to explore art in a more interactive and insightful way. This unique functionality allows users to seamlessly capture artwork details and receive instant information, enhancing their engagement and understanding throughout their museum visit. Furthermore, the app collects and analyzes visitor data to provide museums with valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences. This empowers institutions to tailor exhibits and programs more effectively, ensuring a more personalized and enriching experience for all visitors.



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