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The conditions of entry

Participation criteria

So you have a concept that deserves to be heard? Or, do you have an interesting concept you would like to explore? That's great! There are however, a few things that you have to keep in mind to be able to participate in the TU/e Contest 2024.

Team composition:

  • Your team has up to 5 students.
  • A majority of the team is TU/e student or recent TU/e alumni.
  • Teams can originate from courses, student teams (scroll down for more information), honors projects, hackathons, or personal inspiration.
  • Alumni can enter the competition until 1 year after graduation, as long as their idea originated from their time as a student.
  • You are all committed to participating in the TU/e contest and its events (except for unforeseen circumstances).

The idea:

  • Your idea needs to have a potential positive impact on one or more SDG’s.
  • Bring an innovative idea that contains a technological element.
  • Ideas can be both high- and low-tech, and tangible or digital ideas.
  • Your idea should still require significant development, so no white label, drop shipping, or consultancy-based solutions for participation.
  • The competition is for early-stage ideas only, this means you can only participate two times with the same idea. You don't have traction already (sales, investment, significant subsidies, or finalist in another startup competition) and you do not need a registration at the chamber of commerce.
  • Ideas can originate from courses, student teams, honors projects, hackathons, or personal inspiration.
  • You can join with an idea that isn't entirely your own, as long as you're championing the idea during the contest and will have a significant ownership share in the future.
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Participating as a TU/e student team

The TU/e Contest provides a platform for smart and impactful ideas, and TU/e student teams are great incubators for these kind of ideas. To benefit maximally from the support provided it is good to take the following into account:

  • Appoint a dedicated team that champions the idea: Find 1-5 people from within you team that will be championing the idea and are committed to participate in all the contest activities. This can (but doesn't have to be) a team of members who are interested in spinning out with a startup.
  • Search for the right idea(s) to participate with: We are looking for innovative ideas, and this can be a whole project but also subparts, like for example a smart operating system.
  • Multiple entries are possible: If your team has multiple ideas or works on multiple projects you can enter as many as you like, as long as they have a unique team of 1-5 students championing the project.
  • Use an original name for the project: To prevent confusion we advise you to choose a name related to the project and not use the Student Team name. You can how ever say the idea is ‘powered by’ or ‘invented in’ you student team.
  • Participate for the right reason: Participate because you want to develop the impact or business case for your project