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Benji van den Brand
I Elmasry
Yahya Soliman
Ahmed Mohamed Adel Abdelrahman Elshazly


The Mission

Vanguard's mission is to revolutionize building management by making structures smarter and more informed, leveraging user data intelligence. Committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, Vanguard aims to transform how buildings operate, ensuring they are efficient, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of their users. Through innovative technology, we provide insights into user behaviour and building dynamics, fostering a more sustainable, efficient, and user-centric environment. Our goal is to set a new standard for smart buildings, facilitating environments that adapt to and anticipate the needs of users while promoting global sustainability.

The Challenge 

Vanguard addresses the critical need for advanced indoor navigation and space utilization. Traditional building management systems lack real-time tracking of user movements and interactions, leading to inefficient space usage, energy consumption, and compromised sustainability. Our solution facilitates precise monitoring and predictive control, enabling optimized environmental conditions, energy efficiency, and enhanced user experience. This innovation promises to transform building management into a dynamic, responsive process, significantly contributing to sustainability goals and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Vanguard proposes an integrated solution combining a cutting-edge building management system with real-time navigation data. Our system leverages advanced algorithms to analyse movements and interactions within buildings, collected via a user friendly application for seamless indoor navigation. This data informs our predictive model, optimizing energy use, space efficiency, and environmental conditions. By integrating these insights with existing building infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive tool that enhances operational efficiency, improves user experience, and supports sustainability efforts, marking a significant leap forward in smart building management.


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