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Marketswiper tries to increase online secondhand sales and improve circularity by making people reuse more.


There is no denying the fact that vehicles make a big dent in the environment, whether it is during manufacturing or running on the roads. However, as a community, we are not yet at the point where people can give up their cars and still fulfil all their mobility needs. But there are some cars out there that are greener than others.


The existing billing infrastructure in retail stores is an overlooked and unsustainable practice. With 90% of paper bills produced ending up in the trash or forgotten, that too within 10 seconds of being printed, it’s outrageous to think about the resources consumed for production of a bill. However, bills are still used on a daily basis - majorly for customer checkout, and marginally as proof for returns and warranty. Moreover, customer purchases are vital data for the stores which is analyzed digitally through POS software, while the bills provided to customers requires a lot of effort from the customer's side to extract valuable insights for themselves.


Humanity has travelled to space using electronic chips powering mechanical components. With the constant burst of radiation from the sun and the rest of the universe, data can get corrupted. To combat this problem in space, a lot of defensive measures are taken to keep the gathered data safe. These methods are extremely costly. Next to this, sending equipment to space remains a tricky process. How can we quantify exact issues better? How can we safely transmit/receive data in a different way?

ISA - Info Serving Assistant

Information (especially in complex businesses or projects) can be vast and often go way beyond the limit of what humans can process and remember. In an ever more complex world, there should be a simpler way to look up, interact with and get to decisions with your data.

iDate Buddy

There are so many people who cannot even meet each other for date because of time limitation and social barriers. There is huge waste of time to spend know someone. We needed to create a safe, efficient, and personalized way for university students to connect with each other and form meaningful relationships.