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FruitPunch AI Simulations

FruitPunch AI Simulations


Team info

Buster Franken
Dani Christiaans
Jeroen Sies

We are looking for team members:

Unity simulation skills, computer science / artificial intelligence background Contact us

The challenge

Training artificial intelligence for robotics control and other hardware is a resource and time-intensive process.

The solution

Simulate these robots or logistical problems and their environment to be able to train their operating AI, not limited by real-world time or hardware limitations. FruitPunch AI Simulations basically makes games (simulations) that are based on real world problems that can be provided by researchers, companies or organisations. These games are made in Unity, a physics engine with built in tools that make it easy for artificial intelligence to interface with the game. Rudementary problems as such we have already made, the technology itself has thus been proven. However, the real wealth is on the artificial intelligence that can be tested and built, facilitated by this environment. On the long term an online platform will be made where challenges (from easy to cutting-edge) are featured.


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