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Blue Jay

Blue Jay


Team info

Lars Hagendoorn

We are looking for team members:

Student team Blue Jay Eindhoven consists of five different subteams, namely, management, interaction, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. To join the management team there are different functions one can take. Overall, you must be involved, convincing, and be able to keep an overview to know how to get where you want to be. The interaction team needs people who are able to do user tests and know, or is able to find out, how Blue Jay can best interact with and help people. For the hardware team, you need to have an affinity with designing, modeling, and assembling. To get into the software or the AI team, you need to have experience in programming. Contact us

The challenge

There are not enough people in the healthcare sector. This is such a large problem that some hospitals have to send people in need away. Then, there is the problem of simply being human. A lot of people cannot take care of themselves and have to rely on others at all times. However, we cannot ask the caretakers to physically be there for even the smallest tasks. This is even more prominent with people who decide to stay in a regular house. Moreover, human beings can need extra help to make life just a little easier and current techniques can be improved for a safer world.

The solution

With the autonomous, indoor drone assistant, we can assist people in different sectors with the focus on healthcare. We want the Blue Jay drone to fly in institutions like hospitals to autonomously assist in helping the people who cannot do certain tasks themselves, detecting fallen people, and alerting problems like the previous, but helping socially. One important aspect of the Blue Jay drone is that she is made to be an assistant for humans, therefore, she was designed to be trusted by humans. With the help of the eyes, speech, and lights can Blue Jay interact with people. She, thus, not only helps people in emergencies, she can keep people happy.



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