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High Tech Systems & Materials

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Niels van Gorsel
Joris de Bruijn

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The challenge

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) play a crucial role in the global economy, however, these firms often cannot meet the competitive requirements of the market. An important reason for this fact is that SME’s have limited capability of implementing IT developments, like Business Intelligence (BI). One of the reasons that BI is often not implemented successfully within SME’s is that integrating the technology with internal data warehouses is often expensive and complex. Currently, 33% of SME’s has adopted BI systems and 28% is planning to do so. Nonetheless, firms are struggling to turn their data into insights and use their information for data-driven decision making. In the knowledge economy that we live in today, this might pose a problem for SME’s in the future, in order to sustain their business. We believe that we help them solve this issue.

The solution

We are developing an alternative method for business intelligence, that is not integrated with internal data structures, but fueled by external (open) data and machine learning. In this way, we will provide SME’s with the power of data science using information that can be gathered real-time from big data sources. Hence, our method provides customized insights based on data – without the need for internal data warehousing, experienced staff or long development trajectories.


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