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Niels van Gorsel
Joris de Bruijn

The challenge

Business-to-business (B2B) firms often develop great products and technical solutions, but finally closing a sale is a key challenge for almost all of them. The main issue that firms report is that they do not generate as much sales as they would like. We identified that this is caused by the fact that finding potential customers is difficult; selling costs time and money, and current solutions are ineffective. Simply stated: too few actions convert into leads, and too few leads convert into sales. Finding new customers and markets is the top priority according to 74% of B2B firms. At the same time, 2 out of 3 businesses regard their lead generation process to be ineffective. 80% of B2B firms report that sending emails is the most effective way to generate leads. However, only 20% of the cold-emails they send are opened and less than 1 per cent (!) is responded to. Clearly this costs them a lot of time and money, which stresses out the reason why most B2B’s see sales as their biggest challenge.

The solution

We will enable these firms to do this more efficiently and effectively, using smart data-driven technology. We will create automated software to identify and contact leads in almost no time and with high conversion rates. To solve the identified pain for B2B businesses, our solution will do three things: lead identification, lead tracking and the end result for the customer: targeted cold-email generation that will result in a high response rate and hence, many clients entering the sales funnel. The value of our product is clear: the firm has to spend less time and less money to get more leads. On a daily basis, sales executives can save time on typing emails, now only having to check the automatically generated emails that our system has created. A B2B firm can immediately start using our service via our online platform. Go to the website, and install our (web) app. Our software will start working immediately by identifying your potential leads and tracking them and their surroundings. Once something interesting happens that can be related to your business, our algorithm will write an email that has a high chance of success in getting a response. You just need to check it quickly and it’s time to click send. That’s it, an automated conversation starter with a client that is ready to enter your sales funnel!


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