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I Calderon
Sacha Dekker
L Valdivia
Dora Marusic
Anna Petofi
Winnie Ye


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Currently we are in the prototyping stage of the project, meaning we gladly welcome students with backgrounds in mechanical and chemical engineering. Other than this, the most important qualities are: enthusiasm, ambition, communication and cooperation.

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The Mission

Our mission is to make energy greener and more accessible for everyone. We're using algae technology to create weather-proof power solutions. By getting our materials locally, we're cutting down on pollution and making energy more sustainable, helping communities thrive.

The Challenge 

The proliferation of IoT devices worldwide is on a constant rise, expecting further growth in the near future. However, a significant challenge lies in their reliance on unsustainable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, crucial for devices like temperature and humidity sensors, contribute to environmental degradation and community disruption due to intensive lithium mining.

The Solution

Our objective is to develop a weather-independent energy solution using algae for off-grid and decentralized power requirements. Sourcing all necessary materials locally in the Netherlands eliminates the necessity for lithium mining, while also significantly reducing emissions associated with transportation.


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