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Auto Landing AI 

Auto Landing AI 

Team info

Muhammad Ibne Rafiq
Z Biceva


The Mission

To enable employability in developing economies and enabling remote work in EU while accounting for EU laws and due diligence necessary to outsource to skilled individuals who are being unnoticed in the already existing outsourcing platforms due to profiles, fake reviews and whole system being rigged by some percentage of the users there.

The Challenge 

Due to massive lay-offs, employability in developing economies despite skilled and qualified individuals are declining. When turning towards remote work, the already existing platform is already rigged, faked, has a bad impression on employers seeking employees in the west. The situation is much worse in EU with added barrier through legal due diligence when outsourcing.

The Solution

A platform connecting freelancers from 3rd world countries to EU businesses through live events resembling hackathons for real-time work demonstrations and promotions on social media. The data is trained on a open-source LLM such that quality of freelancers cannot be faked anymore and clear instructions are being delivered via client-freelancer/agency to outsource without communication gap and delay in delivery as well as barrier due to EU due diligence.



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