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Žygimantas Krasauskas


The Challenge 

While global pollution and resource scarcity are rising, enterprises are trying to find unique and efficient ways of production with the least amount of wasted resources. This could become a real struggle for the business, knowing how difficult and expensive it may be to become efficient while saving the environment at the same time. Yet, what if we could both make companies more profitable and save the environment at the same time? Introducing Genesis. With the help of Genesis, agriculture dependent companies can achieve ten times more efficient production rates while utilizing green energy sources to produce most of the required energy.

The Solution

Imagine an ecosystem under one roof that eliminates the need for soil and allows us to grow plant based vegetation in a vapor based environment while monitoring its growth at the same time. Moreover, with an advanced automatization we eliminate human interference in the process of harvesting and transporting of the plant to its next location. To summarize, we will set up an AI driven vertical farm infrastructure. We will also integrate surveillance and automatisation systems into it and power the whole system with the use of renewable energy. And all of will be done in a single container farm.

The Mission

Genesis can achieve more with less. With its environmentally safe and sustainable system, far superior growing techniques, and 24/7 Year-long production, we will change the industry for the better. But most importantly - WE STRIVE TO LEAVE A BETTER WORLD FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME!



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