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Team info

Mahmoud Elkady
Yahya Soliman
Matan Neumark
Sam Fiers


The Challenge 

In the US alone, more than 90 percent of the blind population is Braille illiterate. This not only limits these people in their daily lives, but poses a huge threat of wasted human potential due to illiteracy. Since we beleive that "literacy is a bridge from misery to hope," a solution to this problem is of utter importance. In addition, the visually impaired are limited by not being able to read Braille in a foreign language and have no tools available to overcome this. Therefore, their independence is limited when traveling abroad. Examples: Inability to read signs, inability to read descriptions in museums, exhibitions, or tourist destinations.

The Solution

The E-Braille is a handheld device that captures and recognizes braille and translates it into spoken speech of any language. Helping the community of braille illiterates and visually impaired explorers. The E-Braille strives to work as a learning tool to help eliminate braille illiteracy worldwide. By swiping the E-Braille device against a surface with braille and while connected to the mobile application, the user is able to hear the phrases captured in real-time. This is particularly useful for users who have newly been diagnosed, and are not familiar with braille yet.

The Mission

Our mission is a more inclusive society for the visually impaired, where every person gets to live up to their potential, obstacle-free.



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