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Team info

Lucas Peeters
Lars van der Werf
Jasper Ebus


The Challenge 

First of all, we do not like to think in problems, we rather call them opportunities. We are helping companies to increase revenue, decrease costs and lower time spent on labor intensive tasks. We do this by giving insights into their internal data, and collecting new data when beneficial. Companies and municipalities often do not see that they could work smarter by using techniques from data science.

The Solution

We solve the above described problem via 3 steps. The first step is called 'smarter collection'. In this step, we check which data they collect and store, and add external data when necessary. In the second step, we make 'strong visualizations', which gives insights into their business operations, KPI's or other factors of interest. The last step is 'smarter decisions', where the decisions are based on the data and predictions, rather than gut feeling. We try to make the data science solutions as accessible as possible, so their adoption will be easier.

The Mission

Our mission is accessible and data-driven solutions for every company, from the local grocer to large multinationals.



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