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VR game programming & development; software engineering; data analysis; human-technology interaction; audiovisual perception & physiology

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The Challenge 

Over the past decade, VR products experienced a big stride in the technological development and now COVID-19 situation has shown us an enormous potential for VR in various industries including healthcare and education. However, full-immersion challenges in VR simulations still exist. There are numerous mismatch of various perceptual parameters in virtual environments in comparison to real-world situations which limit the possible benefits for existing and future applications.

The Solution

Design and integration of specific frameworks within most popular existing game engines which allow to create perceptually tailored and realistic experiences for state-of-the-art VR technology. This will allow to simulate spaces which are too costly to produce in real world or to pretest product by reducing the expenses of remanufacturing it over and over again.

The Mission

Creation of innovative frameworks which help VR designers to produce more realistic and fully-immersive environments used in various industries.


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