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Wies Ruyters


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Eloquent, creative, curious, eager, precise and worldwise. We're looking for someone willing to dive into what's behind a country's or city's name in terms of culture, and write this acquired knowledge down into comprehensible, fun and unbiased advents.

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The challenge 

Travellers that don't have the time and money to invest in the preparation of their trip, are limited in their travel freedom at the touristic destination. Lacking knowledge of culture and custumes makes that travellers are more tempted to choose for what they perceive as trustable, rather than what supports the local economy and community. Assisting these travellers in the preparation process, helps them to travel more considerately and sustainably.

The solution

AdventAway is a web-based application which prepares its users for their future trip(s). The user will, starting 24 days before departure, receive a daily notification with their advent. An advent is a piece of written information with links about the travel destination, themed by one of the following 6 categories: geology, culture, gastronomy, history&politics, architecture, and trending topics. This way, the traveller will be more informed at the start of their touristic journey, and is likely to show more respect to the local community.


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