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Team info

Lisa Brand
Stijn Van der Hoek
Mees Groothuis
Maarten Mathijssen

The challenge

Many people have difficulty with running properly when they just started. The support of the feet is a very crucial aspect of having a good posture without pain. There are many different types of gait (walking movement) disorders that can cause pain and one very common one is instability in the direction perpendicular to the gait movement. With BOUNCE we help the beginner athlete to get good posture and proper positioning of the feet in the shoe to prevent pain while or after working out. Also, our special feature called BEAT WALK adjust your music to your running tempo to stimulate the beginner athlete even more to run!

The solution

Our solution is a smart and innovative shoe sole. We combine several sets of material properties in the sole to create stability: hard but flexible and soft but bouncy. These combinations make for a stabilizing effect in the sideways direction while maintaining flexibility and comfort in the frontal direction of the shoe. BEAT WALK consists of sensors that measure your running tempo and translates this to a new tempo for the beat you are running on.


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