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How to Dutch

How to Dutch


Team info

Alicia Poels
Lena Opheij
Jordy Oplaat
Syben van der Meer

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Ben jij een enthousiaste commerciele economie student die het belangrijk vindt om goed en mooi werk te leveren? Dan kun jij ons wellicht helpen! We zijn op zoek naar een praktisch persoon, die ons graag wilt helpen How to Dutch te realiseren. Contact us

The challenge

When expats first arrive in The Netherlands, it is difficult for them to adjust to the Dutch culture, more than people think. Besides that, information about Dutch legal requirement and processes is scattered, sometimes even in Dutch. This makes it hard to understand the necessary steps to take when they want to settle in Eindhoven. The healthcare system is complex, the culture is different and the public transport is strange. We want to change this, so the expats feel welcome and comfortable in the Netherlands.

The solution

The solution for this problem is How to Dutch. This is a welcome box with six compartments that contains all the necessary information in one place. The compartments are Necessities, Health, Transport, Food, Culture and Social. Each one has folders with the most essential information and a sample. This sample can be bicycle lights in Transport for example. This box makes sure expats can find reliable information in one place. Are you an expat and would you like to contribute to our research? You can fill in this survey! https://forms.gle/9eTPTgpPDJfkTTLo7



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