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    Tree of life - anxiety relief tool

    The challenge

    The problem that I am tackling is that of anxiety. People who cope with anxiety experience episodes that can be set on without much warning. These episodes prevent people from working calmly and efficiently and come especially at the most inconvenient moments when mental or physical performance is required. Examples are: before deadlines, presentations, and first workdays.

    The solution

    The solution that I am presenting is a sensor that measures heartrate variability that works together with an app that prescribes breathing exercises. This solution is based on the research of Dr. Alan Watkins, which tells of how to control your state of mind using simple breathing exercises and how this can all be read out using the irregularity of the heartbeat. The breathing exercises are guided with audio fragments and the growing an shrinking of a digitally generated tree in the app. This is combined with audio fragments of mantra's that have also been proven to help calm a patient experiencing an episode (widely used in mental health support).

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