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Team info

Anne van der Horst
Thijs Wester
Mees Salomons
Peter Verweij


The Challenge 

Humanity has become impressively good at transporting goods as fast and as efficient (read: as cheap) as possible from A to B. To protect the goods and to simplify the logistics, packaging is used. A lot of packaging. According to Milieu Centraal, an average Dutch person opens 7 of them every day! However, getting the packaging back from B to A is an unsolved problem. As a result, the vast majority is currently either downgraded during recycling or worse: burned/landfilled. This is a waste of material and energy!

The Solution

Reusable packaging emits significantly less CO2 compared to single-use packaging. Therefore, PAKT is developing new logistic models that enable all consumer packaging to be reusable and increase the collection percentages. We focus on three fields: 1) collection 2) handling 3) centralized sorting & cleaning. Using the latest technology in artificial Intelligence and robotics, reusable packaging becomes economically competitive as well. As a start, we focus on glass packaging.

The Mission

PAKT is enabling the reuse of packaging by facilitating the required circular logistic infrastructure. Our current aim is to make all glass packaging in the Netherlands reusable. PAKT: Towards a world without packaging waste.



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