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Integer Technologies B.V.

Integer Technologies B.V.

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Pau Brossa Rodriguez
Antoine Post


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Engineering or Applied Physics background - Programing experience - AutoCAD (optional)

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The Challenge 

Many companies are developing sustainable installation to tackle climate change and adhere to new regulations for the rapidly growing housing market. However, an affordable solution that operates independently of net metering schemes, is immune to rapidly fluctuating energy prices and is less vulnerable to material and labor shortages does not exist yet. Perhaps worst of all, many do not perform as well as advertised, making them a lot less sustainable than they seem on paper.

The Solution

Our product is a fully integrated installation concept for HVAC, hot tap water, and electricity. We meet the energy needs of a residential building with 6-8 apartments using a single installation, which translates into faster installation times, less raw materials and lower maintenance and repair costs. We maximize local renewable energy use by shifting electricity demand to times when production is high using a seasonal thermal buffer, a small battery and a self-balancing DC grid. This results in 1.5 times lower total energy consumption and 3 times lower dependence on electricity from the distribution grid compared to existing designs. Our smart control and monitoring system determines when to consume or store energy, provides advanced diagnostics for faster maintenance, and allows us to guarantee energy performance.

The Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition in the built environment by introducing innovative sustainable installation concepts and data based methods


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