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Robbe Nagel
Nick van Geenen
Bram Sinke
Tim de Jong


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Team members need to, by definition, be convinced about the road which Spaces will try to pave. They are broadly interested, driven by creativity, critical thinkers, open-minded conversation partners, and hard-working. Specific skills are: construction, sound design, lighting design, governance, and business.

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The Challenge 

For more than twenty years, mankind has invested billions of dollars into the development of the digital world. This has made the digital world a vibrant place with endless opportunities. But there are also downsides. The internet, and especially social media, is changing the fabric of society, including more misinformation, mistrust, and polarization. Simultaneously, our physical city centers have failed to keep up with the digital revolution, leaving them underappreciated and lacking in comparison. It is time to find a sustainable balance between our physical and digital lives and to re-imagine the role of our cities.

The Solution

We believe that most things are best experienced when shared with others. No amount of Instagram or Snapchat can feel as fulfilling as shifting through a photobook in the presence of friends and family. Spaces wants to create a better balance between our physical and digital lives by offering a better alternative for coming together and sharing music, photos, ideas, and thoughts. It aims to do so by creating scalable pop-up spaces located in city centers. These pop-up spaces offer different interactions and experiences for their visitors.

The Mission

At the core of Spaces values lies the mission to emphasize the little moments in life, because those tend to matter the most. We all have our own fond memories of brief, yet lovely interactions with strangers. Spaces wants to offer places where those magical moments can happen more often, like dancing with a stranger to a mutually-loved song. Spaces' mission also includes offering a stage for self-expression and self-actualization. Its pop-up spaces are an environment for the visitor to show who he/she is. During this TU/e Contest, we aim to lay the groundwork for future stages, including defining the product and business and building a network and team.



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