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Mental Education

Mental Education

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Rik van Haren


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Anyone interested in mental well-being is welcome. Specifically, people experienced with education, psychology and well-being can add extra value.

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The Challenge 

In our current society, it is considered normal that parents are responsible for teaching their children the tricks of mental well-being. If that is not enough, you have to search for help. The quality of mental education provided by parents widely ranges in quality, even within the same family. Furthermore, education on mental well-being is constrained by gender roles. Whereas girls are treated with affection, boys are told to suck it up. Such differences in upbringing could later translate to inequalities based on gender, prosperity and parents. This can indirectly and directly relate to many societal issues. For example, suicide rates among men are twice as high as among women or how women experience more psychological problems.

The Solution

Through a school program, students have for example a quarterly lesson in mental well-being given by external teachers. During these lessons, students experience ways to understand and express their emotions combined with more theoretical information on for example depression, burn-outs, stress, anxiety etc.

The Mission

The mission of this project is to normalize mental well-being education. I want that children are educated on how to understand, place and discuss emotions so that they may have a basic toolset to better cope with future challenges. Through the application of standardized mental education, I hope to increase equality, happiness and self-reliance.


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