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The Hydro Generation

The Hydro Generation

Team info

Sam Musters
Arjan Klinkenberg
Simon Snijders
Rick van Beek
Jos Snijders
Robbe Frees


The Challenge 

The current electricity network in the Netherlands is not equipped to handle the future electricity demand. It is already the case that green electricity generated by solar panels cannot be fed back into the grid because the net cannot handle it, meaning that this energy is wasted. Meaning that people who are willing to install solar panels are left with higher energy bills because they don't sell back the energy back to the grid.

The Solution

The idea is about a hydrogen production unit that allows for a more local hydrogen production and storage. If the electricity grid tends to be overloaded this unit can locally produce hydrogen gas and store it, for example to be used for industrial or transportation purposes. The unit will make the use of hydrogen more accessible to companies and people who wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example an industrial area where hydrogen gas is produced with this unit, and all excess green energy produced in that city is used to power the unit.

The Mission

It is our mission to develop a product that will enable countries, cities, companies and people to use hydrogen gas as a fuel more easily. This product will make the transition to a hydrogen based industry more likely and accessible.


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