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Ivo van der Peet
Rik Schutte
Jorrit Rijk
Simon Wijntjes
Marijn Stijvers
José Noronha
Maarten van den Elshout


The Challenge 

Have you ever seen a wind turbine not moving on a windy day? Currently, renewable energy sources are not used to their full potential. This is caused by an offset in energy demand and energy production. When demand is low, even if it is very windy outside, wind turbines are turned off in order to prevent net congestion (not good). When demand is high, we cannot rely on sustainable energy sources, because it’s not always windy or sunny. The challenge is to find a way to store and transport sustainable energy effectively and reliably.

The Solution

Green hydrogen is an effective, carbon-free energy carrier. It can be used to store excess sustainable energy, which can then be used e.g. as green fuel and for chemical processes. Additionally, it can be turned back into electricity when needed. The solution to the mismatch of supply and demand is to store green energy as hydrogen during peak production and convert it back during an energy deficit. On top of that, net congestion is prevented by relieving the strain on the electricity grid. As such, hydrogen plays a vital role in the energy transition.

The Mission

Our goal is to bridge the gap between hydrogen research and parties that can achieve sustainable developments surrounding the energy transition. As a team, we actively pursue ongoing research and see where this fits in the current energy climate. We strive to connect these to fields, supplying hydrogen research to the appropriate places, consulting companies in adopting the usage or/and production of green hydrogen.



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