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Yasmin Rettab


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Software development - UI/UX design - Ambitious students with a passion for improving the education system and contributing meaningfully to society.

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The Challenge 

The intern recruitment process is extremely costly, time consuming and inefficient. Finding the right candidate match is thus more difficult than it needs to be. Conventional platforms like LinkedIn also lack in their click-conversion rates, and are intimidating to university students.

The Solution

Scope is a multi-sided campus-based platform that streamlines companies' intern recruitment processes by reducing costs, saving time and enabling accurate matches. It is also easily accessible for students to scope out internship opportunities, helping them better organize their university experience to reach their career goals.

The Mission

Scope aims to streamline the talent search and recruitment process for the industry and the career opportunity search process for students. That way, gaps between the industry's internship opportunities and university students' ambitions are bridged. Besides a platform, Scope will also offer a candidate matching service for industry recruiters.



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