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Yasmin Rettab


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Software development - UI/UX design - Ambitious students with a passion for improving the education system and contributing meaningfully to society.

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The Challenge 

The lack of accessibility for ambitious students to resources for their personal and career development.

The Solution

An easily-accessible campus-based platform for students to scope out all career (and personal) development opportunities in their area. It will allow users to better experience and determine which roles and jobs they will want to work towards in their studies, and better organize their university experience to reach their long-term goals.

The Mission

Scope aims to streamline both the career opportunity search process for students, as well as the talent search and recruitment process for the industry. That way, the gap between university students' ambitions and the industry's career opportunities is bridged. Most importantly, students' educational experience and orientation is better facilitated so that they become truly multidisciplinary system thinkers.


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