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Dhwani Swami
Lisa Verhoeven


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I'm looking for people who are passionate about longevity of human life and have the skills, enthusiasm & drive to work towards it!

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The Challenge 

Currently, we are living with a cure based healthcare system, i.e., treatment of the symptoms instead of the cause. Costs are rising on a yearly basis and more people suffer from lifestyle diseases. Whereas, in a preventive based system, the aim is early diagnosis and preventing disease. Lifestyle, diet and early diagnosis have a big influence on the biggest causes of death (heart diseases and cancer). Next to extending the health and life span of individuals, a preventive system also reduces healthcare costs. A U.S. study estimates the national cost savings from early diagnosis at $26 billion per year.

The Solution

Our solution is to create the first step towards a preventive based healthcare system, with the help of an algorithm to improve the use of smartwatches. By using the already collected data by your smartwatch (which includes sleep time, screentime, heart rate, stress level, steps taken/exercise etc) that is not being used to its full potential, Mitra will detect diseases in their early stages by analyzing that data and giving a risk profile early on to the user.

The Mission

With the growing healthcare costs, there is a huge need to move to a more preventive system. Using the current technological advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence we can improve the health of individuals by using the data they have been generating over the past years and preventing disease. Mitra will help us become healthier as individuals and as a society.


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