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Mohsen Banar
Jafar Banar


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The Challenge 

• For people: finding the desired product/service based on other customers' ratings, nearest locations, advertising content, and other features that can satisfy buyers. • For businesses: increasing the customers based on targeted marketing, saving advertising cost, efficiency, attractiveness versus traditional advertising methods, and more visibility based on Gamification. • For government/society: moving toward sustainable and innovative city goals, reducing CO2, creating jobs, developing 5G ecosystem, and increasing GDP based on GDPR policies. • For pandemic: providing a low density of people in stores (and any location for receiving a product/service) and book an appointment at these locations. Please check our website: https://benjoapp.se/

The Solution

Our idea is a novel and targeted cloud platform for advertising and introduction of products and services for all businesses based on augmented reality (AR) technology named "Benjo" that has the below main features: • Location-based • Augmented reality • Free proximity information about the surroundings in the city • Gamification for users • Interactive digital advertisement platform • Cost-effective advertisement plan for businesses based on data analytics Benjo covers some areas such as advertising, city navigation and travel, shopping, entertainment centers and malls, museums, exhibition halls, and other indoor/outdoor environments. Benjo

The Mission

Our mission is reaching sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being (pandemic), and climate action.



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