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Aristotle Cognitive Training

Aristotle Cognitive Training

Team info

Maurits Overmans
Véronne Reinders
Marcello Sala
Dirk Aarts
Antonios Mantzaris


The Challenge 

Cognitive reserve is an exhaustive resource required to regulate cognitive processes, such as attention, working memory, executive functioning. Stimuli deplete one’s cognitive reserve, thus overstimulation (eg high stress/pressure/uncertainty) deprives individuals’ ability to process information needed to make appropriate decisions at the right time and in the right context, seen in Fig. 1. By increasing cognitive reserve, it is possible to improve the performance under high stress, pressure, and uncertainty situations. To give an example, together with PSV we are tackling the problem of executive functioning in players from the youth academy. Additionally, active feedback is lacking in the currently available tools. Check out our website: http://aristotlecognitivetraining.com/

The Solution

By combining knowledge from our multidisciplinary team, customer needs, a broad selection of cognitive tasks and exercises and data storing and analysis, we aim to provide a customer specific solution to increase cognitive reserve. We provide our solution in three models: a base model, a specialized model, and consultancy. The base model consists of a cognitive training tool with highly integrated cognitive tasks and exercises to improve cognitive abilities for a broad selection of domains. The specialized model is a tool that tackles domain specific cognitive training needs, such as sports, defence, or academics. In the consultancy we aim to create a highly specialized and personalized cognitive training tool for one customer.

The Mission

To support, educate and challenge others in reaching their cognitive potential to make them feel confident, safe and adaptable under uncertainty. By providing personalized and specialized programs to train cognitive abilities like working memory, spatial awareness, reaction time and many others, we give people the tools to be better in chaotic/uncertain situations. Hence, we add value to people personally and their organizations professionally. Building a culture of supporting, challenging and engaging teams in their development. Go Far, Go Together



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