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The Challenge 

The majority of the society fails to consciously approach their eating and drinking habits. I’ve observed multiple people in my direct environment having their 3rd cup of coffee in a row, at 1 pm. In addition to this, they fail to take proper breaks especially in this work from home situation. In the worst case scenario this behavior leads to fatigue, depression or a burn out.

The Solution

The solution to this is to identify and have separation of needs and wants of this body. Once this is done, moving towards clarity is not a choice but an after-effect. Is the want more important to me than the effects it is going to have now or in the future? What we eat is what we become, personalizing the appropriate diet will be a part of the solution. I also propose different tools, such as breathing exercises, activities that could be done in breaks and during free time to relax oneself. I can contribute in personalizing goals for people seeking clarity in body, mind and inturn their life.

The Mission

To have happier, healthier and conscious beings on this planet.


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