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The Challenge 

Transition to sustainability is getting increasingly recognized as a necessary goal for different public and private organizations. However, the capacity of organizations has been limited mainly due to sectoral planning, decision-making and problem-solving approach. The sectoral perspective usually does not lead to strategic solutions but mainly transfer the problem from one part to another, while sustainability transition requires different sectors and elements within an organization to work synergistically.

The Solution

Catalyzco facilitates multisectoral, transdisciplinary co-creative solutions that enable successful sustainability transitions for our clients and their ecosystems/value networks. We provide holistic problem-solving approaches and open collaborative processes through which a wide range of stakeholders can work together to co-create and implement sustainable solutions. We support our clients in implementing these approaches through the research, design and development of tools, processes and strategies. Our services aim to guide decision-makers to collaborate with other stakeholders (collective sense-making) to develop and implement tangible strategies needed to achieve ambitious sustainability goals for organizations and society.

The Mission

Transition toward practices and structures which help organizations to thrive in harmony with natural systems, is a necessity. Catalyzco enables cities, businesses and NGOs to find the right path to a more sustainable and resilient future. We bring information and knowledge from different disciplines together to provide our clients with the analysis, strategies, and solutions they need in their journey towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to catalyze the transition of human societies towards sustainability by becoming environment friendly and socially just based on both intragenerational and intergenerational criteria.



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