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Team info

Julia Arntz
Mauk van Beek
Tessa van Abkoude
Chris Bernsen


The Challenge 

Fitit is a toy enabling children to build and play in a sustainable and creative way. This can be achieved with our Fitters. Fitters are round wooden disks in which you can fit cardboard. With this you can make an unlimited variety of cardboard creations! Take for example a house with a garden to play in or a car to race with your friends. The only limitation is your own creativity. The benefit of using carboard is that this material is cheap, accessible and sustainable. It is availabe everywhere - mostly free - and easily recyclable. And by for example building something from a carboard box, you are reusing this material yourself! Our goal? To make playing creative, sustainable and accessible!

The Solution

Sustainability With the increase of awareness among consumers of the many things the regular industry is affecting negatively in regards to the climate, consumers are increasingly more often buying sustainable products. We find it important to produce our products as sustainably as possible and prevent products to become damaging waste after their use. Not only because of consumer opinions, but also by our own feeling of urgency to change the way we produce and consume products. We also find that in the toy industry, there aren’t a lot of big companies that brand themselves as sustainable. The majority of toys are still made out of plastic, while also being thrown out fairly quickly once the child has grown out of them. Having this in mind, Fitit with its sustainable image has the opportunity to become an innovative product within the toy industry. Creativity Parents are critical of the toys they buy for their children. In their eyes, toys should contribute to the development of their child. Fitit stimulates open ended play, so there are no rules or expectations and the outcome is not fixed in advance. Building without being tied to plans or expectations allows for a lot more imagination while playing. Because there is nothing 'right' or 'wrong', Fitit is a toy where children can use all their creativity. This makes for more challenging play and stimulates their creativity. Accessibility A lot of companies try to create their own ecosystem of products, making their products easy to use with each other, but putting barriers or making it impossible to work with others. For a lot of creative and open-ended toys, children face the problem that their toys are not compatible with each other (e.g. you can’t combine Legos with K’nex). As a result, they are forced to buy more products of a certain brand to get more out of their toys. Our Fitters work with a variety of cardboard and with ordinary skewers that can be bought at any supermarket. In this way, children are not limited by what they bought and can look for extra building resources on their own.

The Mission

Fitit has the mission to make play sustainable, creative and accessible. Fitit is working on this mission by having sold over 2500 Fitters, given 13 workshops to different after-school cares, and given 17 web workshops at different after-school cares. All this to let children explore their own creativity and see endless possibilities with our sustainable material. Have a look at www.fitit.fun for more information!


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