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Jasmin Kareem


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

No matter the background it is useful for future members to have some interest in cyber security and online fraud prevention. With that being said, we are looking for people who have: - An idea related to the project and find it exciting - Software Engineering Skills - Cyber security Skills

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The Challenge 

Cybercrime is becoming an ever increasing problem in an increasingly online world. As more people spend their days online, scammers have greater opportunities to target vulnerable individuals. One of the most vulnerable groups in an online space are the elderly, being targeted through text messaging apps, emails and phone calls. Due to these, specialized attacks on specifically elderly people, antivirus software is not enough to protect these individuals (and can slow down computers significantly).

The Solution

What DigiGuard would do, is help these more vulnerable groups of people online that are more prone to online fraud, by being an extra help in alerting them when a potential case of fraud or scamming could occur. An example of this, could be when a message is received of someone, with a random phone number, saying they are a relative and need money for a quick emergency. In this case, when attempting to pay the scammer, through the payment platform, an alert pops up in the screen of their device warning them about sending money to an account that they don't know.

The Mission

The mission of DigiGuard is to help enable more vulnerable groups online who are more prone to fraud and scamming be more safe and secure in an ever increasing online environment. An extra safeguard in a digital world could be of great help for those who are unfamiliar with or not skilled in using modern digital devices. Especially when more is done online, only antivirus software will not be sufficient to protect those vulnerable to fraud and scamming online.


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