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Nurdle Soup

Nurdle Soup

Team info

Anne van der Horst
Kelly Wibowo
Nathan Pottier
Lena Opheij


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We are looking for enthusiastic students to join the Technical Team and the Research Team! Check out our website for more information: www.nurdlesoup.nl

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The Challenge 

Microplastics are entering the marine environment on a large scale, where they pose a threat to both the health of the marine environment, as well as public health. This is, however, still a largly unknown problem.

The Solution

Nurdle Soup strives to educate the public about the spillage of microplastics and the subsequent hazards of this spillage, in order to create more awareness for this environmental problem. Next to educating, Nurdle Soup also strives to use technology to increase accountability for spillage and to control and reduce the spillage with our first prototype, Nami.

The Mission

Plastic, a man-made product, is entering the water systems at a large scale. Because of its characteristics, it poses a major threat not only to the health of the marine environment, but also to public health. It is our responsibility and an investment in the future to keep the state of the marine environment in good condition. Plastics should not enter the water, period. This includes all kinds of plastics, but especially microplastics. Due to their small size and potential risk to both flora and fauna, the spillage of microplastics cannot be accepted.



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