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Maathi yosi

Maathi yosi

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Mohamed Kaleemuddin Salahuddin


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Embedded System with knowledge in RTOS(preferably FreeRTOS).

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The Challenge 

In DIY world, the developers when faced with choice of controller for an application, they mostly tend towards a simple on/off controller. And, knowledgeable developers choose a PID controller. On the other hand, in hi-tech Industry, for controlling a process, the developers may use a PID controller or any modern controller. Usually, the implementation of the controller on an embedded platform requires interaction between an embedded engineer and a control engineer. The process might be time consuming as the iteration to choose a sampling time may be a to and fro process. after the prototype, the software needs to be ported to production unit before which it may undergo plethora of tests.

The Solution

To design a toolkit for mostly commonly used embedded controllers which can help user of any experience level to identify the system, design a controller (PID | classical controller | MPC | Robust | reinforcement learning) with click of button. Advanced users can collect data for system, export to tool of choice(eq. MATLAB), identify and design controller. the controller can be imported to the software and loaded to the controller. The controller is to be designed with RTOS preferably FreeRTOS(can be ported to SafeRTOS for safety critical application). The application is to be provided with a library of sensors and actuators, which contains the protocols to communicate with sensors and actuators, enabling the developer to configure the peripherals with a click of a button. The controller parameters are uploaded to the embedded controller which can now control the system.

The Mission

The mission of this project is to bring DIY developers and small scale developers one step closer to reliable controllers. Reduce the product development time for hi-tech companies and companies with safety critical application by reducing the controller design time.


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