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Solar Computing

Solar Computing

Team info

Roozbeh Torkzadeh
Sahar Hosseinibijikola
Parinaz Sadr
Amirreza Yousefzadeh


The Challenge 

Yet, many households worldwide have installed PV panels on their roof-tops, which would lead us toward a low carbon electricity sector. These PVs produce a share of (or even total) energy a household needs. The excess produced energy during the day is usually sold to utility companies at a much lower price and is partially wasted due to the grid loss. There are two aspects to be improved: 1. How to maximize the PV owner’s profit? 2. How to reduce the energy loss by increasing the local utilization of the generated electricity?

The Solution

Our solution is to generate added value by using an “in-site” small-scale cloud computing platform (CCP). This platform is relatively cheap and contains an array of highly optimized processing units and a PV power management unit (PVMU). The generated processing power will be sold as an on-demand cloud processing service (Consumer-to-business). The PVMU decides between the below options to maximize the owner’s profit. a. Use the produced green energy to meet the household load. b. Sell the excess green energy (EGE) to the grid. c. Use the EGE to energize the CCP. The heat from CCP offloads the HVAC system.

The Mission

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector predicts to use 20 percent of all the world’s electricity by 2025 and emit up to 5.5 percent of all carbon emissions. Our mission is to power cloud computing with green energy and motivate more ordinary people to be united against global warming. Our vision is to guaranty a revenue-stream and fast investment return for the user when converting the solar energy to processing power and heat in their home.


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