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Team info

Horst Fietje
Jasper Verhoeve
Stan Hoppenreijs


The Challenge 

The world is facing huge challenges regarding climate change. This asks for a radical approach in which more renewable energy sources are needed to rapidly reduce emissions. In 2020, less than 20% of electricity in the Netherlands was produced using wind and solar energy. According to the climate agreement, 70% of our energy needs to be produced using renewable sources by 2030. At the same time, the growing amount of renewable energy sources is challenging grid operators and increasing the demand for flexible assets. To solve this, we need demand response driven electricity consumption where demand is intelligently matched to the available supply.

The Solution

Currently, over 150.000 households in the Netherlands are equipped with a heat pump that is not smartly integrated with the electricity grid. These heat pumps represent a total flexible power of 300 MW and growing. Voltgoed will be their new type of energy service provider. Our sustainable energy platform allows households to connect their flex assets (e.g. heat pumps), enabling us to unlock existing power flexibility and allowing them to and enjoy a fair and transparant electricity price. We optimize their energy consumption to reduce electricity costs and lower their CO2 footprint. By aggregating this power flexibility, we offer demand response services to grid operators. We also provide households with insights in their electricity production and CO2 emissions. Our optional thermal battery allows for a further reduction in electricity cost and CO2 emissions, and will minimize the impact of the end of the “salderingsregeling”. This way we enable households to become more sustainable and increase the share of renewable energy on the electricity grid, thereby accelerating the energy transition.

The Mission

The world's climate is changing at a non-acceptable rate. We are obligated to, right now, take responsibility and evolve our way of living in order to leave a habitable world behind for generations to come. We believe that we can make the world more sustainable by enabling households to positively contribute to the energy transition in an easy and affordable manner.  To achieve this, we develop intelligent technologies to unlock existing potential in the energy domain in a truly sustainable way.



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