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FF Teambuilding Games

FF Teambuilding Games

Team info

Milan Tresoor
Brent Horsten
Derek van de Wiel


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Creative students with skills in (board) game design. Creative skills in illustration, video & music production, writing, and/or Web Design.

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The Challenge 

Companies and (student) associations are having difficulties inspiring a healthy friendly bond between their employees/members, in large part because of the stay-at-home precautions. We find pressing demand for team building activities that can be conducted whenever physical presence is infeasible.

The Solution

A team building service targeting any organization struggling to facilitate playful interaction between it's employees/members. Our method excels especially during times where physical presence is not possible, but is also unique enough to provide a valuable experience long after COVID-19 ceases to be an issue.

The Mission

To create meaningful social bonds between team members of any organization through a playful, digital environment that generates memorable and interactive experiences.