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Laura Laringe
Ashish Baskar
Krishna Kumar Rathinam
Wojciech Godlewski
Mateusz Sierakowski


We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Experience in energy storage, electrical/electronic engineering or design engineering

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The Challenge 

Small-scale local energy storage is an increasingly important component of a smart grid, especially in Europe. However, new batteries are expensive, with cost being the top reason for homeowners not installing storage. Another problem is the increasing number of EV on the road. This means that the number of batteries produced is exponentially increasing and with it, the waste of them.

The Solution

ReLi solves this by upcycling retired EV batteries for a second life, thereby offering a more affordable alternative and simultaneously promoting a more sustainable, circular economy. ReLi takes the retired EV batteries, which usually still retain 80% of their initial capacity, dismantles them, tests individual cell, assembles them into a modular box, then applies an innovative Battery Management System (BMS) to smartly manage the charging and discharging of the battery. The product can also be easily interconnected to provide different capacities depending on the home’s specifications. Then, it is sold to solar PV homeowners as well as solar PV installers/retrofitters.

The Mission

ReLi’s solution is a modular battery box equipped with an innovative battery management system (BMS). Rather than manufacturing brand new battery solutions, ReLi upcycles retired EV batteries, allowing the product to be sold at approximately 40% of the cost of a new battery.



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