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Emma Urselmann
William Lee


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Rick Buijsse
William Lee
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The challenge 

Microplastic pollution is growing into a bigger problem every day. Scientists are finding microplastics almost everywhere they look for them in oceans and lakes. Here they affect our food chain and have impact on marine life. In a lot of beauty products, microplastic are used. In fact, a 150mL tube of facial scrub can contain as many as 2.8 million beads. We challenge ourselves to find a natural solution that provides the same quality without having a negative impact on out environment

The solution

Reducing the amount of microplastic-pollution in scrubs will contribute to solving the problem of microplastics in the environment. We up-cycle used coffee grounds to provide sustainable and environmental-friendly scrubs. This coffee scrubs contains no microplastics while we will guarantee similar nurturing effects as the 'normal' scrubs, which is seen as a must by the customers. We would like to make use of locally used coffee grounds, which would normally be thrown away. Besides, we are looking for other natural waste products that we can use as ingredient for the scrub.


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