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Battery Stack Simulator

Battery Stack Simulator

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Bastiaan van Kuik
Dirk van Wijk


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The challenge 

The rise of electric vehicles generates an increasing demand for safe, optimized and cheaper battery pack solutions. Battery management systems are of utmost importance when batteries are used in a product, for example to maximize their lifetime and to prevent battery fires. However, the development of these systems can be difficult when battery simulators to test them with are expensive, complex and application specific. This is an obstacle startups and other companies might encounter, forcing them to spend a large amount of time developing their own solution, or not being able to test their system fully, resulting in unsafe products.

The solution

We aim to develop a cheaper, more approachable, flexible and engineer-friendly battery stack simulator which enables more startups and growing businesses to prototype and further develop their battery management systems, so renewable mobility can become more ubiquitous.


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