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AxLectric® by XYZ Dynamics

AxLectric® by XYZ Dynamics

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Horst Fietje
Alex Pap
Laurens Westerdijk


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Electrical Engineering Software Engineering

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The challenge 

The Paris agreement has been set up to address local and global environmental issues. One of the big polluters are the green house gases. In its turn governments are introducing emission zones which restrict access to polluting vehicles. This leaves commercial fleet owners with a challenge to enter the city in the future. Furthermore, the economic lifetime of those vehicles sharply reduces which poses a huge challenge on sustainable mobility solutions.

The solution

XYZ Dynamics is leading sustainable mobility with the development of the AxLectric. The AxLectric is a retrofit add-on electric powertrain for LCVs. It will guarantee full-electric driving in zero-emission zones, because of its intelligent EMS - GEO Fencing system. This makes it possible for fleet owners such as construction workers to keep performing their work with their existing vehicle. The AxLectric connects city and transport and helps governments reach their stated goals.



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